Podcast Open Education

In the summer of 2016 I started to record the #FOEPodcast with Markus Deimann on a regular basis (watch out, in German). We were looking for ways to digest the latest news in open education and related topics and so we regularly meet in person or online to reflect blog posts, journals, news and events that somehow resonate with us. Even though this is at a very early stage, I am glad to have created this space of reflection and open discourse. Later down the road (hopefully in the upcoming weeks), I will find some time to create a halfway decent representation of it on the web. Until then, follow us on Soundcloud or use the rss feed if you want the sound of our voices delivered to your device of choice on a regular basis. Feedback is always appreciated.

PS: The TIDE Podcast by Dai Barnes and Doug Belshaw served as the main inspiration for this. I highly recommend it if you are in any way interested in educational technology, open strategies in education and anything related to these topics.