About Me

I am interested in exploring the intersections of open teaching & learning, technology, and connected learning. I record a podcast (rss feed here) on education and technology together with Markus Deimann (watch out, in German). I tweet.

Since January 2018, I am the Education and Science Advisor to Wikimedia Germany (Referent Wissenschaft und Bildung). I am a freelance consultant, working with organizations that are interested in networked learning. I used to work at Leuphana Digital School and I am an alum ‘Impact Starter’ at the Social Impact Lab Hamburg. I am a buddy of Virtually Connecting. I used to be a researcher at the Hamburg University of Technology in the context of the ‘Hamburg Open Online University’. I don’t know what I am doing with Towards Openness. I try to have at least one project on the side at all times. This website is my private space and, even though it is influenced by my work, it reflects my private opinion.

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